Er George Clooney To The Rescue

After ER looked for a good many years, particularly the first rate, I join a multitude of people that when an emergency strikes, want to have George Clooney for a doctor. After four trips to the emergency room last year, I didn t have a dream for every firefighter who appeared at our door at four oclock in the morning was a dead ringer for the star..

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Islam Wins Michael Jackson Converts

HES apparently now the conversion to Islam. So why is this post here? Considering the number of items we have on the grave site, I thought that this satirical piece things light in May. Or a woman. Then I wasn t sure whether it was white or black, or if it was not for me because practically worship has turned into plastic. His Michael Jackson by a letter addressed to the world, written about 2 years ago. I still do not care category. Not that anyone cares what he does. This one-gloved thriller star is quoted by a local prince here to go against some contract and not recorded songs of peace or something. But sometimes I do because I grew up with him obsessing.

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Newman Fondly Remembered By Locals

There no doubt: Westport loved Paul Newman. Even people who d never met the 10-time Oscar candidate were among thousands of people thronged the Westport Country Playhouse on Powers Court this week to pay tribute to the late actor and philanthropist next ..

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Quot Amy Winehouse And Blake Quot Marriage Over Quot Tabloid Hell

E over, he quoted as saying. There no return for us now. It could never last. Amy Winehouse was quoted in a tabloid saying that her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is Over. According to the news of the world the singer said that after 17 months as a couple married the couple were set to Split. We were together only for sex..

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Schwarzenegger May Tax Veterinary Care

According to Market Watch, animal advocates have already expressed on this hot button issue. They believe that a further supplement for medical expenses involving animals would make virtually inaccessible to the average person a right, then, a peak of abandoned animals naturally ensue. In an effort to combat increasing debt, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger offers a new taxation proposal for veterinary treatment. In a recent announcement, the governor has recommended an expansion of state on sales and use tax to include luxury items such as medical services for pets.

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